What is
Open Heart World?

Open heart world is the space where hearts are activated, opened and ready to receive and allow love.


“Through the observation of the heart’s consciousness, one can clear emotional blocks, opening the heart to a new world and a greater experience of life. The practice of being aware of one's heart will assist in identifying and clearing the blocks, which hinder the experience of one's True Self and unconditional love from within.”

Dr. Tracey J. Johnson

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Open Heart World mission is to assist in restoring the POWER of LOVE

within the heart of humanity.


"Love is all there is. It's the force which gives life to everything and everyone. It is experienced and expressed in many different ways and to the degree in which you allow love will be to the degree that you experience it and have the capacity to express it."

I was able to see and experience love from within...
"The perspective from which I saw myself cut me off from experiencing who I truly was inside and I did not have any peace within my heart. After reading Broken Open: A Truthful Journey Into My Heart I was able to see and experience love from within, my True Self.
I found rest and contentment for my soul. I felt whole again.

Nina Edwards

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